Investment Thesis

Wavemaker is Southeast Asia’s leading early-stage venture capital firm investing in enterprise and deep technology companies.

We were entrepreneurs ourselves. We have managed teams of 20 and 2,000. We have had failures and successful exits. We get founders and founders seem to get us too.

We invest in thoughtful founders who have built an internal conviction through experience and reflection. We are not interested in those who rely on an external show of passion and confidence embellished with the latest industry jargon.

We invest in scalable, capital-efficient, sustainable businesses that aim to create significant value by solving meaningful problems 10x better than existing options. We are not interested in vanity metrics or the “hottest investment trends”.

When we invest, we match companies with accomplished advisors in our network. We understand that startups need customers and clients, funding and mentorship, not just paper partnerships and press. We also understand that chemistry and shared interest are key to successful relationships so ensure that advisors and startups are mutually agreeable to the working arrangement.

We make these statements fully aware that we do not know everything. We ask questions and are willing to experiment. We strive to learn with every investment and every mistake we make because this is what we expect of our founders too.